**UPDATE** MISSING DOG (Siberian Husky in San Jose, CA) =(

We got a call Wednesday evening that Junior was found.  Unfortunately he was hit by a car (that took off...a$$hole) and a police officer responded to the scene, seen him alive still and took him straight to the vet (thank you mister officer....it was very kind of him and he didn't have to do that, we're trying to track him down to thank him).

When I got there (I was crying on my way, out of happiness and worry) and he looked at me and just layed his head down.  Not normal.  This lil' spunky pup, always, ALWAYS jumps up to greet me.  =(  Poor baby.

He had 3 fractured ribs, collapsed lung, internal bleeding, part of his right hind paw, is missing one of the tip of his nails...ugh i can't even type the rest....but $817.00+ later....he's home now because unfortunately we couldn't afford the 24hr care at the vet ($1,000.00+) so we had to take our chances and bring him home.  He's taking his meds now and wearing a doggie diaper =( but he is in better spirits.  We are hoping the puncture to his lung heals correctly and that he makes it the next few weeks.  Which are crucial. 

What pisses me the fk off was, the vet policy.  Pay now or put him to sleep.  We didn't get paid until the next day and i understand they may have their reasons for not trying to get stiffed.  Which we wouldn't have done, but they took 4+hrs before giving him any treatment (other than I think an IV).  Even more upsetting was they (well the dr) seemed to not be so sympathetic.  She was so non-chalant about it.  This is our family dog.  This is my lil' brother (15) first dog, how you just say, 'well, if you don't have the money, you should put him to sleep'.  If she had some type of softness to her words or a concerend look then i understand, but we were crying there and she's on the phone with her back to us talking about some other dog like she was a fken bill collector. 

Anyways, were glad he's okay but geez.....it sucked.

Well, we have a major case of the SADS today.  My brother's dog is missing. 

He's a beautiful 6-7mth old Male Siberian Husky/German Shepard Mix with Green Eyes.  He and my brother are so attached he cries for him when he's at school and jumps up to greet him everyday. He also was a very cool big cousin to my little dog 'Frida' and my sister's dog 'Hazel'. 

We tell our mom our puppies our her 'grand-doggies'....so my lil' dog-nephew is missing. =(

He is absolutely GORGEOUS, and because of that we highly doubt we will see him. But if you are reading this and live in San Jose, please keep a look out for him and contact me asap at: shashas24@yahoo.com

There is a reward.  I've made a flyer also, we've posted his pic on craiglist http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/pet/1916698299.html and posted a listing to our local Animal Shelter.

This is my bro's first dog and I miss him already. I pray to God that he's returned safely.

Here is the info from the flyer:

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