Wrap My Heart In Plastic

Wrap My Heart In Plastic
Dedicated to my Flo.
Wrap up my heart.
Plastic wrap it tight to stop it from feeling any pain
from any feelings that hurt.

I wish I could cry all the pain away.
But crying just gives me a headache.
I want to go
far away from any news
from any feelings

wander in the woods until im lost
that's what this world is.
i'd be the same but minus so much pain.

Pushed, shoved deep inside me.
Piercing at me like stabbing a zombie....no reaction.
for I am afraid to let fear know that it's real and that it has taken over.

I want to seek for help but feel like im at a train station with no ticket, no money and no destination.

Everyone bustles around me. I feel like im in slow motion and smiling.
I paint my face with my smile.

Only few can see past it. I feel stiff.

I want to stop these painful feelings.
Wrap my heart up in plastic.

Suffocate the pain until it can't beat anymore.

Wrap my heart up in plastic
and wrap it tight.