I have a bad back and horrible knees but I still try to skate when I can.

I dream in color and in Spanish.  I have no clue what the hell I am saying but I am carrying on a conversation like a interpretor!

Inside I'm a speeder and I'm trying to keep that under control.

I'm not as free as I'd like to be and I'm working on that.  I hold back on a lot.

I day dream waaaaay to much!

Whenever I listen to 10:15 by the cure...It brings me back to my old high school days....ahhhh

I can go from listening Rock music to Flamenco without a flinch.  From Oldies to Punk.  From Classical to Reggae.

I just found out I have sent over 1,015 text messages and 874 picture messages in 1 month alone. This does not include the any of the mail I receive through my 4 email accounts that I have.

I learned how to type on a old school typewriter blindfolded.

Whenever I chuck....my lungs feel like they are going to expand and explode.  I could never be bulimic or anorexic.

Hell has frozen over

"Hell has frozen over"

I want to type: HAHAHA but that's mean.  So i'll chuckle on the inside.  I hope this animated Simon works.  Becuase that's the look I have whenever I think of a certain broad.