We still have alot of work to do

In some ways it doesn't matter who was here first (Native aka Indigenous people and Mexican's were). But we all are here now.  Actually homo sapiens were here first.  Wonder what race they claim or their religion. hmmm. I think I may have issues because I do believe homo sapiens were here but I also believe that God created man and woman.  Sooo....they were the protype maybe?

In no way am I knocking Christopher Columbus' findings of existence of life here in the America's, I mean to the Indigenous, they must have been advanced and shared knowledge and survival skills. 

Greediness and unfair racist made this initial friendship become part of a hard un-imaginalbe history for Native and later on Mexican and African people. In the end, I don't know what my life would be like if we didn't co-exist, learn and grow. Would America be a 3rd or 4th world country? Who knows but I'm grateful that I live in a place where freedom exists. We have come a long way America, but we still have a lot of work to do. A lot of work

Interesting Facts:
The three ships set out from Palos, Spain on Aug 3rd, 1492. Arriving in the "New World" on October 12, 1492. (That is one long a$$ cruise!)

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Columbus 5/6/2010.
"Although not the first to reach the Americas from Europe—he was preceded by at least one other group, the Norse, led by Leif Ericson, who built a temporary settlement 500 years earlier at L'Anse aux Meadows[2]— Columbus initiated widespread contact between Europeans and indigenous Americans."

Unbelieveable - "Native Americans who were not already U.S. citizens were granted citizenship in 1924 by the Congress of the United States." (From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Native_Americans_in_the_United_States 5/6/2010).  It's sad to just find out that the Indigenous people who were here prior to any of the shipmaking's from the Old World were classified as Citizen's. Shamefull in my opinion.
First to land in Michigan: http://www.gwbhs.com/Articles/Native%20American%20FAQ.pdf as of 5/6/2010
Scientific evidence shows that the Americas have been inhabited for at least 20,000 years whether or not they cross the bering strait....
hmm...contradictory theories? Indigenous have been here for over 20,000 years?!: http://www.native-languages.org/bering.htm as of 5/6/2010
From the University of Berkely at California: http://www.berkeley.edu/news/berkeleyan/1998/0311/linguistics.html as of 5/6/2010
Texas was part of Mexico back in the early 1800's: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Revolution as of 5/6/2010. 
The Old Three Hundred: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Three_Hundred as of 5/6/2010
Map from 1835-1846: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mexico_1835-1846_administrative_map-es.svg as of 5/6/2010
Territorial Expansion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Territorial_expansion_of_the_United_States as of 5/6/10
CALIFORNIA IS STILL the most beautiful!: "In 1842, the American minister in Mexico Waddy Thompson, Jr. suggested Mexico might be willing to cede California to settle debts, saying "As to Texas I regard it as of very little value compared with California, the richest, the most beautiful and the healthiest country in the world... with the acquisition of Upper California we should have the same ascendency on the Pacific... France and England both have had their eyes upon it." from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican–American_War as of 5/6/2010
Internalized Oppression and Latinos:  http://academic.udayton.edu/race/01race/latinos01.htm  as of 5/6/10
Mexican Migrant Workers and Lynch Culture: Culturehttp://amath.colorado.edu/carnegie/lit/lynch/migrant.htm as of 5/6/10
Although i'm about to suggest some Indigenous (Native American) books for you to read, Im open to you suggesting good books for me to read.  My mind is open and I'm ready to learn!
CONQUEST : Montezuma, Cortés, and the Fall of Old Mexico by Hugh Thomas (my brother read and loved this book.  I have yet to read it)
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown (OHMG I have read this book over and over. Heartbreaking but history)
Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas by Mari Sandoz (I have read this book over and over and it's in my collection)
Also check out: www.sciencedaily.com Interesting items.  Although I love science and am fascinated by it, my religious beliefs come first.

You've been learning Spanish since before the 1940's!

I came across this in the County Archives.  http://www.oac.cdlib.org/ark:/13030/tf6290050d/?brand=oac4

If you click on the link for Verso of Page 8.  Then click on Recto of Page 7.  I like the drawing!

So Stanley Hayami Diary, 1941-1944 shows he was learning Spanish.

hmm...for everyone who is doing this bashing on Mexican's your lovely school system has had this language in place since you were born! Did you get bad grades back then? Is that why you are so angry.

I don't mind that there is a case for if you are here illegally, then you should take legal procedures to become legally here.  However I cannot stand the fact that it's always targeted to a specific race.  It's on the border line between a hate crime (with the slurs, the un-americanism of using this heated topic as a platform to hide your bigotry...well most not all persons) and racism (targeting a single race).

Do you know that other races use all sides of the American border to come here.  East Coast, West Coast, Mexico border and yes the Canadian border.

One year I joined in the downtown march.  I met a guy, real nice white guy and I asked so what brings you to march with us? He said because he was here illegally.  His Canada Visa expired and was supposed to go back but he didn't want to and he felt that he should support changes for people here illegally to become legal.  I asked him if he were afraid he'd get caught.  He said "No, they look at me and think im a citizen, they don't question me.  But you guys, you guys get checked all the time."

There are persons here who crossed from China, Africa, Middle East, Canada, all over the world. 

I go to visit my family in Missouri, and before all this got to be a $hit storm, I would get the side eye from folk over there.  You can feel the stares and the racial thoughts coming from some minds.  It's sad.  Sadder that even in my own melting pot of California that I start to notice.

I'm here legally.  I'm a Citizen.  I'm an American.  So are my parents and their parents. Generations. I'm proud of my heritage and my descendants.  Just because your not proud of your roots (European) and you don't show your love for your descendants...don't knock the one's that do. I support our troops.  Hell my best friend served in the Marines, as well as my uncle's (Air Force, Army) and my grandfather (Army) I still have the wings he received when he was a para-trooper.

Before you further stick your foot in your mouth, check the sole to see the foundation where you have been walking.  Because many races, Native, Middle East, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, African and many more have walked these plains before and next to your ancestors.  If your ancesters were even here first....did you check which boat (Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria) they were on?

I'm not trying to debate who was here first.  Just know the roots.  We are all here now and have to deal with the present mainly but keep those things in mind.

I just want fairness.  Hope that you do too.