You think our wait time is bad

People complain they've been holding




Typically about 1-15 minutes from what I've seen.  Yes that is a wait.  But let me tell you this.

Call the DMV.  Call them.  Wait for 17 minutes to speak to a representative then ask to be connected with someone to pay your car registration and hold for an additional 33 minutes and then hang up frustrated becuase you just wasted precious moments of your life that you could've saved your ear from growing a califlower on it.

Actually hold time has now exceeded 50 minutes.


and this was before 11 am today.  In-Sane!

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cmhiggins1978 said...

oh lowski boo boo!! Its me geisha cakes, dude i totally miss chu! Call me when u can mmmmkay 415 685-1731