Feeling under the weather

My stomach has been bothering me for a few days.  I keep trying to sneak in Gluten and I just am not fooling my body.

Or who knows what it is but the past couple of days have my stomach a'hurtin.  I think it started Sunday evening when I went with my Aunt and Cousin to Jack in the box.  I had some Churro's.  They are good but I've layed off greasy foods and anytime I do that and try to eat fast food, I get sick.

So today, it was bothering and I had to come into work although I very much feel like how this little child looks here:
But I knew phones would be busy so I sucked it up and came to work.

I felt okay and went to have Thai food with my friends but only had a few bites.  I gave the rest to my mom. 

I planned on working out with my cousin today, but the battle with my stomach....it's winning.

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